The flame sometimes flickers

It can even blink 

Darkness it can swallow 

Like water in a sink 
The flame is eternal 

The light is bright 

Darkness it will struggle

As the Suns in the night 
We light up the fires 

As lanterns for the fight 

Returning for the flicker 

As the shadows fade into the night 
The flicker is enticing 

It draws like a moth 

Turn all against it 

As light dips and is lost
The embers always smoulder 

It heat can be found 

Leaves always falling 

As fire bursts through the ground 
We live for the flicker 

But hold on for the flame

Some never find it 

We all need the same 

Meaning of life 

Everyone like to think they will not figure out the meaning of life but to everyone it’s different. It could be to live life to its fullest or it could be to find love , but to each it’s there own and no other two are the same . For some they will find that meaning and for some they won’t , but for some they will be cut short in the pursuit to find it . With everyone different in all aspects in life we will endeavour to find that meaning , so I take a breath and stand to gaze into the cosmos and look at it as I would from the heavens and to me that meaning is shrouded in the clouds as they pass my eye , but at some point the meaning will present itself to us all . It’s up to each other to take meaning from that glimmer and make sense to the blink that we call life .
These are just my thoughts of the ever lasting question, but we all have our own question that we will ask what is our meaning 

Mind stolen

The night before there was time and space , we fight to make it to our place. Looking forward but not behind , taking the leap to help the blind. Together we are but not alone , we can not live with out our phone. We took the plunge to depths not reached , but we live in the minute that can’t be breached. To shelter our souls we fight the goals , never reading the story untold. Looking through tepid waves , longing for the shadow that never came. What we shake but never break , is took and stolen by the mind we make       

on this day our anniversary

Todays the day that we shared our bliss , we sealed our love and exchanged a kiss . Said our vows for people to see just how much you mean to me . Sealed with a wish , loves first bliss , eternal love , blessed with a kiss  .
Todays the day of our anniversary we live the love that you give to me . I tell you now and I will tell you then I love you more then any word we send . Its set in stone , its set in time our love is sweeter then any wine .
Todays the day I will never forget I held your hand and my tears were set . Even now I feel so blessed to have a wife that is the best . My friend , my soul , my love , my wife , I give you my love for all my life
Todays the day I will wake again and kiss you lips and fall in love again .

I love you so much
Happy anniversary

my wife

Looking in to the shadows of Your  eyelashes on your cheek , happily im know that my time with you is sweet .
 Watching as your blinking and a smile that’s on your face wondering if your thinking how in life you keep me safe .
 Your wisdoms never pardoned and your words they always stay , saying that you love me it brightens up my day .
 Our lives are made together and we live every moment to its full , longing for the second you catch me when I fall .
 My love Is never ending , your hand is all I need . To keep it close and not let it go while your sonnets they do lead .
 Captured in second that your eyes they locked to mine , looking to the future and the life that you made mine .
 Each day I love to hold you and never want to let go , the life and love you’ve given to the day that we get old .
 So many beautiful memories, like the days that we had spent , looking at our babies and the love that we were sent .
 The day that we got married and the love declared in our hearts , forever we are sharing the beating of one heart .
 Many year spent together and the melding of our lives , I love you more than you will ever know , my love , my friend , my wife

the asylum

Lost in the asylum , I cant find my way . The wall are closing in on me  , and my meds they make me stay . The shadows they do talk to me , but the people they wont go . I’m falling in the darkness , and the light will never go .
The petals in the garden they soften all the light , the brightest of colours that shape up the skies . Each cloud is a vision on the tv of life , echoes of the daylight that pours out my life . The windows are my prison , the bars of steel they hold . Transforming of the glass and the look I show the world , buried in the nightmare that no one else will know.
The tranquilizer are loaded , a pill to numb the mind . The deepest sleep delivered to settle through my mind .

life is a misson not a position

Life is full of journeys
They take you up and down
They take to the left and right
Or drag across the ground

Each journey is a mission
It will play upon your mind
It will take the very best of you
It will consume up all your time

Each pathway is pattern
It will shape you through your life
It will take to the end of things
It will give you pain and strife

Not every door will open
Some will stay locked and shut
A door will always open
If you knock upon enough

Walking down roadway
To the falk that not been touched
Each way could bring you happiness
Or a riches or just to much

The journey is an adventure
A way for us to live
Lets shed a tear of laughter
Let all be blessed to give

The power of love , my first mix – SoundCloud

Listen to The power of love , my first mix by theosethy #np on #SoundCloud

the mother of nature

Her tears are softly falling
There is love in everyone
Little moistened kisses
Each kiss for everyone

She lights up the sky’s
She darken up like night
She listens to our nagging
She even gives a fright

She wakes up in springtime
She sleep when the moon light falls
She looks for the windows
She looks to spoil you

She loves the throw a curve ball
She loves to play the game
She loves to see our faces
She loves to make it rain

my world

The shadow of my finger , as it slowly craves your back
The tingling sensation , as it laps up its own dance

It circles around the poems that I will right for you
Toiling with the notions, and the love I write for you

My words are softly written , like tattoos down your spine
Loving every moment , like the softness of red wine

The waking of emotions , the stirring of our love
You hold my heart so sweetly, like the wearing of a glove

My mind is a virtue, a statue of the world
My world is a Eden , when you are inside my world

Our anniversary is coming , the day we bless our love
Together we are Inviting , for all to share our love

The lusciousness of kisses , you place on to my lips
Looking into your eyes , and how im in to such bliss

Waking up beside you and gazing in your eyes
Looking at my love and how much I love my wife