I am

I tremble and I quiver like a feather in the wind
Never really knowing the fun that life will bring

I worry and I’m lonesome a shadow of the sun
A tree never swaying in the song that I have sung

I’m trusting and im happy in a way that i will show
The sunrise in the morning , the flowing of a glow

I’m loyal and im sensitive, a tear in the rain
Not wanting but knowing for the love and friends that I gain


Sinking of a clown

Sleeping under the parody 
in the laughs that I have made
Giggles colliding together with every passing day

Tears of laughter are sinking
The chuckles have now fazed
Sinking in the joker
Pranks have now been played

Time shadows the punch lines
Reading the book of subtle joke
Hooked on the magic 
seeing the balloons have all been broke
Reflection of the makeup
The shoes have now been worn
The squeaker over squeaking
The pies have all gone cold



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Some times the waves are crashing
Some time the waves are calm
Looking through the hour glass
Looking for Your charm
The hours have been counted
The time shall never pass
Looking through binoculars
Looking through the grass
The time to live is coming
The time to be has past

The context in which we live in
The context to be so far
The signs are all around
The signs are just to far
Written on a window
Written in the glass
The only thing that’s constant
Is the way you hold my hand

Love is a timeless pleasures
From which we hold and grasp

The waters

Laying in the waters
The wave cover my ears
Not a sound to listen
Only the crying tears of fears

The water Cleaned my body 
From the fight I have inside
The wounds are everlasting
As a tear falls from my eyes

The sun beats down upon me
I can not hear my dying crys
The light softly gets brighter
As my soul slowly will die

The boundary’s are now passing
The battle has been won
The time for my soul to leave me
As the water and my body Will become one

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Sweet as sugar

I tingle when im excited
Im aroused just from your sweet touch
My longing is enduring
I want to feel you so much
My wanting is everlasting
You follow me in my dreams
Your sunlight forever burning
You hold me with your tease
Your taste is sweet as sugar
The candy I just need
I want to feel you with me
the sunlight we shall not see
I want to feel your sweetness
The sugar will take me

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The cavern

Walking through the cavern
There is no light that I can see
Walking on the moist moss
The floor it slip and slide for me
Walking and not knowing
Where the path will lead
Walking in the darkness
I have lost the light im bound

The cavern swallows the sunlight
It will not let it go
The light is far behind me
I know not where to go
My finger are my feelers
Like a bug lost in the night
I battle through the darkness
For I want to see the light

Like the holy grail for nature
I’m feeling up the walls
Lost my sight in darkness
feeling the walls of goo
Blind but im still hearing
I will open up my sense
The time is everlasting
For the sunrise lost its zest

The air is getting thicker
The dampness is in my cloths
I’m feeling dirty and moistened
I can smell the soil it grows 
The sound of Barron echo’s
My voice that i can hear
It accompanied and tormenting
But it my voice and its just me

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Easter dreamer

The tale of Easter , is a tale as old as time. The worshiping of Jesus , and how he came back to life . Modern day dreamer created a bunny to spread the modern day dream of life that begins with a egg . This egg became a symbol of the life of Jesus and how he was resurrected on Easter Sunday , but this story is a story of how the dream became a reality and the myth of the Easter bunny was born in the dreams of the child
The day was a Saturday and the year was not know , the child in question was no older than 8 . The day was an ordinary Saturday the kids where playing in the woods , a game of tag and hide and seek was occupying there time . They where half way through the game when one of the kids had became lost in a part of the wood that had not been explored by these young minds the kids started to call out
” guys , where are you . Guys I think im lost ”
To no reply , the child sat on the leaves that covered the ground and waited , as he’s parents had once told him .
” if you ever become lost or separated from us just sit on the ground and we will find you ”
The boy sat and waited patiently watching the trees swaying in the gentle breeze, looking at nature as it wonders by . After some time the boy became tired and the smell of the damp leaves had became too intoxicating and had derived him in to a trance like state . The boy still sat on the ground found his eyes becoming heavy and his head had became light as if it was in a cloud . A few more moments passed and the boy could not help but fall asleep , but the sleep was not a deep sleep it was the lightest sleep that any child could fall in to
” boy are you ok ”
The boy stirred but only long enough to see a blur like shadow standing by the side of the tree , but this shadow was no taller then about 1 foot .
” boy are you ok , can I help you ”
The boy looked at the shadow , then rubbed his eyes .
” lady I’m lost , I was playing with my friends and then became Lost as I had ventured to far away. ”
The boy rubbed his eyes again and tried to look at the shadow again
” lady why is it my eyes see you as a shadow , why is it I can not see your face ”
The shadow came closer and sat down next to the boy and then reached out and took the boys hand . The lady said in a sweet and soft voice
” im sorry if I have startled you , I never meant to but you see the world in only half its glory . people like myself can only be seen by the purest of hearts and they will only see us as a shadow , but if I wanted I could let you see me . ”
The boy looked confused as he tried to look deeply at the shadow , he would rub his eyes a few more time to clear the impurities from his eyes .
” could I see you , please ”
The boy stared at the shadow
” ok but please boy don’t run , for I mean you no harm . I’m friendly and I would not show myself if I was going to hurt you . ”
The boy smiled at the shadow and looked down at his hand , where the shadow was holding . The longer that he looked at the shadow the clear it became , but the boy noticed that the shadow was a hand but not any hand . The hand that was hold the boys hand was a warm hand , the sort that only a mother would posses . It was soft but just a little too soft , the boy took one last look at the hand and noticed that it wasn’t a hand it would be a paw .
” what are you ”
The boy looked at the forming person in front of him , but he noticed that it wasn’t a person but an animal . The shadow was now an animal, but not just any animal it was a wild hare .
” are you ok boy , shall I help you ”
The boy could not look away , he found himself mesmerized at the talking hare stood in front of him
” yes please  but can I ask you some thing”
The hare looked at the boy and twitch her nose and smiled
” what are you , and do you have a name”
The hare looked at the boy with a surprised look on here face smiled once again and ran her paw over her ear pulling them back as if she was like a human getting the hair out of her face
” well young man , I am a Forrester. Which is a woodland creature that can only make themselves visible to the purest of people . My name is ester bunny , and yes I know bunny when im a hare . I got the name from my mother who was a rabbit , and my father was a hare .
The boy looked at ester and laughed . The boy stood up and looked round , but this isn’t the same woods that he fell asleep in . The trees were alot greener here and the air was cleaner , there was no smell of fire in the air .
” ester where are we , I wasn’t here . ”
” yes I know boy , you have ventured in to our world ”
” how do I get back ”
” that’s up to you ”
The boy looked confused but yet drawn in to the world he has stumbled on to

Time flew by , the boy and the hare had many questions for each other but it was now getting late and the boy knew he had to get home
” ester I think I better get back home ”
Ester knew this time with the boy would be short but she also knew that he would go on telling his tale of her
” ok boy I will help you home but you may or may not remember this day ”
” ok but my parents are calling me I can hear them, I must go ”
Ester walked the boy down to the river bank , she looked up to the sun put her paw up and ran her hand down the sun beam untill it hit the ground
” Boy I have had fun finding out about your world and telling you about mine ”
” I have too , can I come back and visit you in this world ”
” I don’t know ”
Ester thumped her foot down on the log next to the waters edge , and a whirlpool appeared in the river
” that’s your doorway home boy ”
The boy dropped to his knees and gave the hare a giant hug
” I better go ”
The boy stood to his feet and took a few steps back and started his run to the whirlpool , as his foot reached the waters edge he leapt in tk the air . The shadow of the boy was the first thing to be pulled in , then the boy was to follow . He took a last look at the world that he was leaving and held his breath .

The boy woke up on the ground in the leaves as if he had never gone anywhere. In the distance he could hear two voices calling out his name .
” muma , papa im here ”
The boy got to his feet and started running toward the voices , as he came over a small hill he could see his parents
” muma , papa . Do I have a story to tell you . ”
As they walked back to the hut where they lived , the boy would tell of his day with ester . As night fell the boy could not sleep he was wondering how he could get back to that world and if there would be other Forrester. As the day became months and the months became years the boy would go back to the same place . Never being able to get back to the world the boy grew up and had his own kids but never forgetting that day , but as time passed he forgot the name and ester became Easter . That day would become the day that the Easter bunny came to visit and a tradition was born as the years passed and the day was celebrated with love laughter and sweets of plenty . The boy had become a man and the man had told his kids and there kids would tell there kids . The story was never forgot and to his dying day the boy would visit that same place hoping to to see that hare .
On the boys dying day he was surround by family and friends . In his dying minutes he would look round his bed at all the love he would see in all there eyes and as his last breath was taken he would look at the end of his bed . To his surprise there she was ester , but for his eyes only she would whisper to him
” Boy your at your purest and I wanted to say thank you for believing in me and the rest of the Forrester ”
The boy closed his eyes , and in his dying word he whispered I love you to his family .

Ester and many other forresters was waiting for the next pure soul to join them . Ester smiled as she could see a figure walking towards them
” boy you came ”
” yes im here ”
” what is you name boy ”
The wood became silent and the wind stopped blowing

” my name is ”
” jack , jack frost ”

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Hallway of lust

i can feel the tension building
I can see that we are bound
Nothing will ever stop us
Our love it hold no bound

The doors are slowly shutting
The hallway lights the way
Our heart beats are racing
As our love is here to stay

My hands they start to tremble
My knees become all weak
A sweat bead is forming
As the sweat begins to breed

I fall apart from passion
I cling to all I got
I want to hold you closer
I will give you all I got

My heart feels like its exploding
My arousal will not stop
My blood wont stop boiling
My love will turn to lust

Your hands are warm and tender
Your heart it beats with lust
The suppleness of your body
The bouncing of your bust

The lights are slowly dimming
Our bodies come in close
The sweat that we perspire
It indices and invokes

Our cloths are just an obstacle
That our hands will surely pass
Unbuttoning and unzipping and the undoing of a clasp

We stand together naked
My hands they can not wait
Undressing you was foreplay
As my knees they start to shake

Our bodies are inviting
An invitation of our lust
The pillows will be waiting
For inside you is a must

Our kisses lead to the bedroom
Where we fall on to the bed
The throwing off of covers
As my tongue kisses your breasts

Your hands are inducing
A hardness of my parts
Your skin is soft and steering
As I slip in to your heart

Each thrust into your moistness
Is an orgasm of my heart
Our bodies come together
In a symbiotic loving heart

The time has come for passion
As our bodies can not stop
Our movements tremble together
As we thrust through the gods

Living in a shadowed box

I’m living in four corners
I feel I can’t get out
No one ever listens
My voice wont even shout

My whispers are an echo
The voice that came between
Moving between the corners
They are few and far between

My vision is not clouded
My vision is still bright
I’m fighting out the corners
I’m fighting with all my might

I’m lost in vast cavern
In a shell or so it seems
No light but forever shadowed
My soul is the only beam

The walls are getting closer
A darkness falls within
The shadow getting darker
I’m lost in this box like tin

The shadows will not take me
The shadows will not leave
The shadows are no friend to me
The shadows are filled with greed

Although the night wont take me
Although the night is long
My will and strength is stronger
I shall battle till the dark is gone

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Life is like

Life is like a dinner
It can be a banquet or a feast
It some time just to much for us
Or even smell like feet

Its want you want to make of it
You hold the ingredients in your hand
Once you get them together
You can mix or burn the pans

Life can be exciting
It can be your soul mate
It can light and fluffy
Or even a rock cake 

Life can be constricting
Its sometimes like a bra
It can be the thing to hold you together
Or even give support

It the one thing that keeps us together
But annoying when you don’t need
Its like a breath of fresh air
Or the thing to set them free

Life is like a orgasm
Its a explosion when your born
Its the one thing we have in common
Its the thing that makes our soul

Its as good as you can make it
Its as long as you can hold 
All orgasm have an ending
But if its good its just pure gold

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