Mortal angel

The lord he went and sent down an angel in the wind
He said that if she falls in love that he would clip her wings

I will make you a mortal and love It must be had
Armed with this knowledge and a life now she must have 

She wondered through the village and people they did see
She had fell in love , as she sat down next to the lonely willow tree

A man he can whisked her of her tiny feet
Love it started to bubble and she fell in love with he

Talking started a flutter and butterflies came to rest
Her wings they where clipped for there was a beating in her chest

Now she was a mortal and a family was next to have
6 beautiful children and friends she shall be glad

The story it was the greatest as the passing of the sands
She walked with us for plenty , 60 years she held there hands

Her family Felt the sadness as her soul it came to pass
But she never mortal as she lives on here in our hearts

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The kiss from your lips

Your lips are like candy , a drug I cant resist
The soft tender sweeter that your kisses bring
I long for the feeling of your lips so close to mine
A beautiful narcotics, so sweet and Devine
Just like a pillow of satin , they rest inside my mind
There beauty is everlasting , they last the test of time
I’m addicted to the feeling , the warmth they bring inside
I tingle when i feel them ,when they are  pressed up against mine
The sweetest shade of Rosé , like a wine  that’s all mine
The kindest warming craving , my addiction my loves sublime

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My blog , my world

My blog isn’t the biggest , it not even the best
When im am writing , im cut off from the rest
I’m free to speak my mind out , im free from the world
I’m even here to capture the things inside my world
I’m off to the land where no one else can See
I’m off the capture time and sit and read with glee
I’m off the sun rise or even to a distant place
I’m off to where the river carves out and snow will take its place
My blog is my own work im a writer you can see
Im Dislexsic and cant spell good but I write what comes to me
Its my own bit of passion its the one hobby that I love
I doing it when im closest to my one and truly love
My thoughts can be so random or I speak about my wife
Many little encounters or some talk of strife
My blog is my own world now come in to my mind
We can all sit and listen on white beaches sipping wine
I hope that you enjoy it , I hope you all can stay
Pay My blog a visit and come back another day

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White sand

My feet they are softly sinking into the wet white sand .
I reach on over to take you by you hand.

We watch as they are sinking in deeper so we stay .
I wonder if the world will ever be this way .

The sun beam they are kissing the grains of sand around
Nothing can disturb them as the warm the things around

The sun it deeply pouring its light upon our heads
Like dancing little halos that prance around our heads

Your hand its gripping tighter as the waves caresses our feet
Little supple kisses that makes the air taste so sweet

Your eyes they are dazzled as the reflection takes our heart
It grips it tight and last for life so we are never apart

Our souls are dripping with our love
Like the dripping star of time

We live for this moment
It tastes sweeter then any wine

The moment is now closing and the day begins to set
Let me take us back to the time we had when our feet they felt the wet

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Bed time tease

My knees they quiver , my knees they shake
The thought of you makes my heart race
You touch my hand and I cant move
The touch of you now you skins so smooth
I want to move on in to kiss
I hope to god that I don’t miss
My nerves tremble I can not wait
You make me happy , my love safe
The light is kisses around your neck
I want to see , I want to wake
I cant believe that my heart shakes
Your hand it trembles down my spine
Your finger Taste like the sweetest wine
You chest is pressed up against my own
Our heart beats it sets the tone
We both are naked as our skin touch
The static flows as our hands touch
The excitement builds and the sweat it runs
I want to explode I want to cum
I stop the urge for it can wait
I want you now I can not stop
My skin it trembles, it throbs and wont stop
It slips inside , I can not take
You move your hips and your body quakes
You voice it moans and your eyes they say
I want you inside , I want you today
My thoughts are pure , my thoughts are exact
Lets go to bed now I will tickle your back

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Wedding vows

I would paint you a picture and give it to you , and gaze at it in your sparkling eyes
I would Bottle up a cloud , so you could hold heaven in your hands
I would touch the sun , to know your warmth
I would hold my breath , cause your beauty takes my breath away
I will run the width of the earth to see your smile
I Give you my world so you can be queen forever
I shelter in your wisdom cause I know your right
My words are unspoken cause you see thoughts through my eyes
If Heaven is fortune , then I am rich 
I would build you a dream , so we can be together forever
If I was to live forever , you would be my fountain of youth

Having my best friend who is my wife is the best all round love

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Happy birthday

I would catch a pretty rainbow and make you a sweet
Today is your birthday and its here for you to keep

The presents have been opened , much excitement to be had
We love our little baby as I hold her birthday hand

11 years have past now , you get beautifier every day
You love to sit and snuggle , to laugh and to play

Your all we ever asked for , this diamond in the sand
11 years on now and you still want to hold our hands

My Baby is growing up now you cant wait to live your life
I can still remember that day when you came in to my life

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Random thoughts 2

Life ponders thoughts
Thoughts ponders life

Time for escape
Escape for time

Logic for one
One for logic

Run or walk
Walk or run

Life is full of moments but its not the moments that we handle are the best . The best moments come from the random time that we face that hold no logic
It could come from a walk in life or a time we use to escape the shields we make to protect us as we run the hallowed corridors that life has made for pondering .
We wake from the time that shapes the fabrics in our bones to find that we took the dream in our hands to show the galaxy. Life can not be contained in a bubble or cultivated in a cup .
A mirror reflect the season in the soul , so we try to colour the canvas to bring life to the picture with in
Water is splashed but never drunk in the timeless winter in the deepest reaches of our eyes view. Sleep is broken in the echo of the tears of the fallen stars , as the break the sands of time
The kettle of life boils in the heat of the sun as we revolve around the map of space .

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The frost

Standing in  the garden there’s a chilll in the air
The stars all around me , the sky it has no care
The grass begins to glisten as the temperature it drops
The air is so still now , you could hear a pin drop

The air is so still now and nothing is awake
Nothing is moving as my body starts to shake
The breeze it transending for my heart begins to pound
The frost is slowly forming it laces all the ground
It shaping and it covers , like it nature crown
Everything is covered as it moves over the icy crown

The pools of water are freezing and the ice it plays it games
Freezing as its cooling , it even freezes up the waves
The air it is really cold now , the moon it sings its song
The moon light it is helping as jack frost begins his run
He is dancing as he is playing as he jumps from car to car
I can see your footprints , the frosty marks on top of the cars

I willing and im wanting to see what you do next
Your marking as mesmerising as me eyes begin to vex
I want to see the frosty out come as you game is played all night
I can not stay to watch you  , the air freezes with all its might
I can see my breath in front and my eyes begin to dry
My time outside has finished as my eyes shed a tiny cry

Souls intertwined

The petals they are falling , and resting on your skin
The light it softly glimmer as the wind sweeps and kisses your chin
Your tender lips are candy , as I fall in love with you 
The breeze calls out you name as softly as I touch you
The blades of grass the softest when your here with in my arms

Your hair it lightly whispers , it call out for us to be
I love it when your next to me , my world it feels complete
We wake up and we settle , in love warming nest
You hear my heart beating , as it chimes right through my chest

Our hearts are intertwined, like the fabric of our time
I want to feel your soft touch as I know that you are mine
If life was a belonging I would Sell the world for you
If I was to live forever in glad its here with you

I want the world to know this as I am your baby boo

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