I am

I’m a inventor, a curator , a innovator of the word
I’m a scientist, a mathematician, a musician to the verse
I’m a sceptic , a dreamer , pioneer of the soul
I’m a shuttle , a vessel , a book worm to the world
I’m a professor , a teacher , a lecturer of the hymn
I’m a writer , a fighter , a boxer of books
I’m a typist  , a Artist , a muse to the scroll

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Sweet candy

via WordPress Im tantalised By your teasing
Insatiable in my mind
The tender touch is cleansing
It clouds up in my eyes
Paralysis takes me over
I’m drunk to taste
Waking minds not sleeping
Electrons starts to fire
Im Tangible in the offer
I’m stifled by the ruff

Winter sun was reflecting
My lips begin to relate
That erotic explosion intake
From that desired sugared taste
A potion it was ready
To save a dying soul
This is the word of madness
From That chocolate I foretold


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I’m sleeping in my coma , from the world I want to see
My tears a slowly welling , but they hide inside not seen
I can not see your faces , or the face i want to see
I keep my hope and joys for all not for me
Im waiting and I’m wanting to wake from my dream
My mind it want to keep me inside the shell that’s me
My feeling are exploding but no one hears my crys
My sleepy head is weary but I want all my love for you to see
I want to be awoken by the sounds of your sweet voice
Nothing I am saying cause you can not hear my voice
You brush my hair and change my cloths
You know just what I wear ,I want to hold you hand now and run my finger through you hair
Mum and dad came to see me but all I do I lay and hear
I hear all the arguments but i can not stand to hear you swear
All I want to do is wake up but my body wants to cry
Your leaving and its quite , in the room where I once died
My fear are taking over , but my body comes alive
My finger they are twitching and my feet begin to move
My voice is coming back now but the one thing I want to say
I love you to my baby , but at night she goes away
I’m screaming and im whaling , I want to be heard
” im awake ” , I want her to hear me but there is no one around
The ward it comes alive now as my voice they finally heard

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The bailiffs

The money collectors are coming they want to take my stuff
The money collectors are coming this one he is tough

The money collectors are coming he is Pushing at my door
The money collectors are coming as he forces through my door

The money collectors are coming he has entered in my home
The money collectors are coming he scares my kids to the bone

The money collectors are coming , he said that he had knocked
The money collectors are coming , he didn’t even knock

The money collectors are coming he is now lying through his teeth
The money collectors are coming for his contract he has breached

The money collectors are coming you should not of forced in to my home
The money collectors are coming , I have your management on the phone

The money collectors are coming , he shouldn’t of done what he did
The money collectors are coming , the has   scared my little kids

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What , wait

I’m sired and I’m willing
 I’m noble and estranged
 I’m Coming but nearing
 I’m Strange but engaged

 I’m wondering but sitting
 I’m lost but im found
 I’m always but never
 I’m locked in the ground

 I’m a shadow in the darkness
 I’m light but don’t shine
 I’m hungry but never fed
 I’m the sweet taste of wine
 I’m a pet but not house broke
 I’m seeing but not seen
 I’m awake when im dreaming
 I’m closed but not shut
 I’m stolen but not ventured
 I’m slick like a glove

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Lifes roads

The turbulence of life is null and void
The shadows of doubt are just white noise

The sea we cross is paved with tears
For all we have are dreams and fears

Light From the beholder is crisp not clear
I walk in dreams but never to near

We wallow through life to pick our souls
For this we trip and fall to save our souls

The mouth is open but yet we fight
To a dream less sleep to which there’s no night

Words are spoken to which is said
Our ears are closed to what is said

The body of love is Always clear
For you will hold her near a dear

This turbulence force In which we stand
I will be here to hold your hand

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How they make me feel

I might be irritating, I’m like that knot
I’m like that bit of paper that all for not

I might be silly , a complete dumbass
I’m like that stain from the grass

I’m still a person ,  im still human
So why you treat me just like im your chump

I might not be the brightest , well im like forest gump
But when you need me , I will be your fun

So I stand back and ponder and think
Why the hell do you treat me like a bad stink

Im the one that’s always there 
I seem to feel like I am an irritating pubic hair

I want to know why I am that bit
I’m not that irritating little piece of shit

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The penny it drops in to the sand
The drop it comes from my shaking hand
The trembling comes from deep with in
From a beating heart we shelter deep with in

The counter of life that tick not tocks
The beat it trembles but never stops

The Words of poetry we hold inside
Words of love that can not die 

Like a drop , it falls it stops
Our words write , calculate , and plot

Words of warmth seen through the eyes
Words of love seen through the minds

Like a dj in time tear come from our mind 
The power of dance stimulates the mind

Friendship is a ruby in time and space
For this it can not be moved or replaced

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Me and the breeze

The windows are open , the air has a chill
The crispness your bring as the air bring the thrill

Drifting and claiming with each supple touch
Its never seen as a moment , it shadows by your touch

The curtains they tremble and drift in your breeze
The naked chill is forbidden as it bring me to my knees

I breath in your freshness as we wipe of our sweat
The nakedness is compelling as my body begins to wet

Like a lover in waiting , you always find your mark
Your breeze keeps on drifting as the shadows start the dark

Your kisses are friendly and noble in ways
The chill of your Stirring , as my hand start to play

This tingling sensation as the particles start the drift
Flowing like a river as you take loves sweet gifts

Laying on the carpet each swirl that I missed
I can feel the ground chilling as my heat goes a miss

My hands are exploring the places that you see
The moistness and pleasing that you bring all for me

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Mortal angel

The lord he went and sent down an angel in the wind
He said that if she falls in love that he would clip her wings

I will make you a mortal and love It must be had
Armed with this knowledge and a life now she must have 

She wondered through the village and people they did see
She had fell in love , as she sat down next to the lonely willow tree

A man he can whisked her of her tiny feet
Love it started to bubble and she fell in love with he

Talking started a flutter and butterflies came to rest
Her wings they where clipped for there was a beating in her chest

Now she was a mortal and a family was next to have
6 beautiful children and friends she shall be glad

The story it was the greatest as the passing of the sands
She walked with us for plenty , 60 years she held there hands

Her family Felt the sadness as her soul it came to pass
But she never mortal as she lives on here in our hearts

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