the mother of nature

Her tears are softly falling
There is love in everyone
Little moistened kisses
Each kiss for everyone

She lights up the sky’s
She darken up like night
She listens to our nagging
She even gives a fright

She wakes up in springtime
She sleep when the moon light falls
She looks for the windows
She looks to spoil you

She loves the throw a curve ball
She loves to play the game
She loves to see our faces
She loves to make it rain

my world

The shadow of my finger , as it slowly craves your back
The tingling sensation , as it laps up its own dance

It circles around the poems that I will right for you
Toiling with the notions, and the love I write for you

My words are softly written , like tattoos down your spine
Loving every moment , like the softness of red wine

The waking of emotions , the stirring of our love
You hold my heart so sweetly, like the wearing of a glove

My mind is a virtue, a statue of the world
My world is a Eden , when you are inside my world

Our anniversary is coming , the day we bless our love
Together we are Inviting , for all to share our love

The lusciousness of kisses , you place on to my lips
Looking into your eyes , and how im in to such bliss

Waking up beside you and gazing in your eyes
Looking at my love and how much I love my wife

The fairground

Waiting at the fair ground
Watching all the Lights
Looking for the mirrors
I will be riding here all night

The queues they slowly dwindle
Next one will I ride
Strapping down the seat belts
Its time to say or to drive

The bumper carts are bouncing
The rifle range is full
The horror house is scary
It’s time I make my move

The candyfloss it shimmers
A sugary hyperactive treat
It settles all the stomach
As we dangle all our feet

The turntables are revving
The music is a lust
The craving is ever exciting
The next ride is a must

Sitting with a stranger
Each one to there own
The light slowly dimming
Its time for the scare and moan

The hotdogs are delectable
The burger are the same
The fairground is for feeding
We all have to make a sound

The night is slowly passing
The passion for a fright
I stand and wait for the next ride
I hope I dont wait all night

The comet

Ripping down the pillars .
The wall they crumble in .
Nowhere to run now .
The lights they shine with in .

The sun is in the moon light .
The fire burns all night .
The walking in darkness .
Knocked down by the sight .

The Light is ever blinding    .
It pails in the sun light .
Scorching in the meadows .
The glow is ever bright .

Speed is never constant .
We learn from the time .
Things are never borrowed .
Its rush from the tide .

Creators are the birth mark .
A ripple in the past .
moss and dew is spreading .
A punch line in the grass .

We are all just a moment .
Singular in the rhyme .
A looking glass for comets .
Hurtling through all time .

Zombie apocalypse

Walking threw the forest with death here by my side . The distant sound of groaning and the moon up in the sky . Each step is place with precision and no trace I leave behind . I dont want to be captured so I leave nothing behind .
I’m not sure what the day is , I dont know where I am . I still wonder what happened , and why it fell on to this land .  The world is not the same now , since the world it went to pot . Each day is a constant battle , I dont know how long i got  .
Since the day of infection , we all prayed to gods . It seemed to fall on deaf ears , and the zombies they forgot . No running water or hot food , I carry what I got . Still we have to survive , but the people they forgot . Not seen another person , its been a good few days . I want to hear a voice again , I talking to my brain.
The zombie are the indigenous creatures and humanity just is not . The moons my only companion , and daylight is all for not .
There’s no time for sit and resting , for they lurk behind the trees . I wish I had a break from this but I sleep up in the trees. The battles is never ending , I wish I never bleed . The scent I have attract them , like a swarm the never flees . I can hear the zombies walking , all they do is bump and groan and scream .
I can hear some body calling , I fear im not alone . If they want to attract the zombies , that’s the way that i would go . I think the voice is growing , its getting loader as I wait . I think I want the company , my zombie friends can wait

One last fish

The crimson sky cradles the palace of the sky . Pillars of light shine rain down on the lonely fisherman . The sea wraps it’s fingers round the tiny ship , and tightens its grip with every wave . The sky darkens as the wind pulls the boat deeper and deeper in to the unforgiving ocean . Like a needle in a haystack the boat stands alone . With every wave and blast by the nautical winds the fisherman loses control  . The sea rages like a bull in the arena , as the fisherman battles his whit to try to control the tiny ship . He shakes as he is failing to pull the ship into the winds and trying not to sink in the overwhelming Shadow that has fallen on the sea . The fallen looks down on the fisherman from the palace in the sky , and wonders why has he not given up . The boats getting Smothered by the sea swells and the oceans fingers teasing each wave over the nose of the ship
” why Great Neptune , why would you forsake my bounty and my life to the depths of your great kingdom ”
The sky open for a second and a lone ray of sun kiss swallowed the tiny boat .
” Zeus I seek safe passage , I seek you wisdom , I seek you strength to be able to make my way home .”
As the darken swallows the sun and the wave continued the unrelenting barrage on the bout . The fisherman dropped to his knees , and placed his hands on the his heart and looked to the sky . As his face looked up each drop of cold rain seemed to slow down , but as they hit his face he could hear the softest whisper of a familiar voice . It was like the softest of kiss his soul was overwhelmed with the deepest of sorrow . The whisper started to make sense and the words formed a something which he hasn’t heard for a long time
The clouds grew darker and any light that remained was crushed under the volume of the thunderous raw of the storm . The fisherman who was still on his knees with the salty sea water rolling around him , looked at his hands and wiped the sea spray from his eyes . To his amazement in front of him stood two figures , he could not believe what he was witnessing .
” my love is that you ”
He shouted out as the sound of the waves against the tiny boat so loud he could not even hear his own thoughts .
” yes it is me my darling ”
The fisherman dropped his head and warm tears started rolling down his face .
” its ok dada we are with you ”
The fisherman held out his hands , and at that moment he could feel the tiny vessel start to tip
” my boy I love you , I miss you so much . There is not a day that im not on this ocean , wishing that I could of been at home on the day of that storm . ”
His son stepped forward and looked at the hands of his father , he reached out and placed a kiss on both palms
” dada its time ”
The father looked at the small boat and looked at the sail and then back at the figures of his wife and son .
” I think im ready , I want to be with you . Zeus I want to be with my family , I want to feel them in my arms once more . Zeus I love them so much , I could not go another day with out them . Tell Hades that my soul belongs with them on the slopes of mount Olympus . ”
The fisherman held on to the wooden mast and looked and his wife and son fade in to the distance . The boat started to shake and he could hear each piece of the woods splinter snapping as the boat started to crack and the waves ventured on to the boat . As the waves got bigger and bigger he felt like he was lost with the  giants , the crack grew bigger and bigger and the wooden slats could not take any more . The tiny boat took one last look at the world in which it was born in to love . With a lasting crash of thunder the boat split in to two . The fisherman look at the waves as they lined up for the next barrage against him , and as the waves towered above him . He took one last look at his wife’s wedding band that sat snuggled on a piece of string around his neck . He looked up and with his last breath he shouted at the top of his lunges .
” I love you my family , I love you all so much ”
The waves crest fell just over head and washed the lone fisherman in to the icy water and pulled him down in to the swirling Abyss . The lights in the fisherman eyes slowly faded and a smile was left on his lips . His hand slowly open and the ring that he was clutching had gone . The fisherman blinked one last time to see his wife and son standing in a white haze , and the run that he had been clutching was back on his beautiful wife’s hand and his son was running towards him saying
” come with us dada , we have so much to show you ”

The broken puzzle

The colours of the season are tied to the soul
The reason for knowing are a tale untold
The river unwinds for the treasures of gold
We live in a bubble and await the seed to be sowed

Life is a flutter , a whisper or a knock
We all live life to the speed of a drop
The penny will fall , but shall never rain
We light the elements encased in the brain

To live the game but never win
We all have our moments to be the same
Like the joke that tickles the senses
We bend , we mend , we rewind and send

Music is played to tape the way
We live our lifes and how we play
The beat is enduring and the notes are long
We ride the horse of the turbulent Song

This is the evening but not the day
We open the gate to sail away
The thoughts of wonder contained in a cloak
The broken puzzle that never was broke

Bed blues

You get into bed , but your feeling to hot
You kick of the sheets , and take off your socks

You hang out one leg and out goes the other
You toss and turn , saying why do I bother

You lay and rest but all for not
You pull up the sheet and give it another shot

You lay and wait for the bed time blues
The heat has got you and it wont let you choose

One last thing , for you can not rest
You strip off your shirt and do it bare chest

The heat it wilts you and torment your mind 
I’m sleeping in lava or so i feel inside

Then you remember for there’s one last trick
Flipping the pillow so my head wont stick

Now my heads cold I’m falling asleep
Sweet little nothing as im counting the sheep

Fathers in the sky

We shed a tear for everyday you’ve past
Whilst we sat here in the grass
Looking up in to a sky so clear
Wondering if you will see us here

To hear your voice , to see your face
To look upon the wisdom you paint

A picture to see you in this place
A picture to hold to make you stay

Its fathers day but your not there
I want to show how much we care

So on this day we will celebrate
For all the love from our heart break

We know your gone but never left
So lets chat away cause your my best friend

Its fathers day and its for you
So lets celebrate, for dad this is for you

Happy fathers day

Well its fathers day once again , the day that us dads can lay in bed till at least 7.45 am and not have to worry about how our hair looks when we get up . ( well for me it would be not worrying how many I lost in the night ) . The sun is up and the mood in the house will be set , as a sense of secrecy would be in the wind . Nothing would be moving , but that’s what they lead us to believe . The bedroom door flings open and before you have a chance to clear the sleep from your eyes the little ninjas would of jumped on to the bed and snuggled down next to you and each laid a kiss on each cheek . Then you hear the  the rattle of a plate and a cup and some cutlery on a tray , as your wife carries in the tray of breakfast in bed . As the tray settles on your lap and the smell of a hot coffee and bacon and eggs reaches your nose , your eyes well up and a tear rolls down your cheek, and the words of love is said ” happy fathers day , daddy ” . Its the moment that a father looks forward to , breakfast in bed and the lay in and the company of the best people who he will ever know , his wife and kids .